In 1989 Marketing Financial, was formed as a full service brokerage and consulting firm that works exclusively with professionals, marketing groups, associations, agencies and other financial entities such as CPAs, banks, trust companies and broker dealers. Our mission is to provide operational support, marketing consultation and partnership alliance programs for the clients we do business with.

Marketing Financial wholesales over 30 highly rated insurance companies. The list includes some of the highest rated in the industry. Our core product offerings include: Life Insurance, Annuities, Executive Benefits, Disability and Long Term Care insurance.

Services Offered
Marketing Financial provides full “back room” support to our financial professionals. This includes presale training, advanced marketing support, as well as assistance with illustrations and client placements. Illustrations can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to the financial professional requesting assistance. Financial professionals have a choice of submitting their business direct, or through our office.

Applications received at our office are carefully reviewed for errors and completeness. We will order all attending physician statements and paramedical exams. Our office monitors each pending application on a daily basis, and will contact the writing agent regarding any outstanding requirements. Through our volume and courteous manner, we have established outstanding relationships with insurance underwriters and business processing departments.

Consolidated Marketing Group
As a principal of Consolidated Marketing Group, “CMG”, Marketing Financial holds the master national contracts with the insurance companies we represent. CMG has 25 offices and over 20,000 advisors nationwide.

Marketing Financial can offer the highest compensation to their financial organizations and professionals in the industry. Marketing Financial is compensated through wholesaling bonuses based on the combined volume of our entire CMG group. Many of these same bonuses are available to large producing agencies and organizations we work with.

We provide the power of volume, expert case design, highly rated companies and unwavering support for the success of our advisors. This is what differentiates Marketing Financial from other wholesaling firms in the industry.