Broker Dealer Platform

Shared Goals, Shared Success
Marketing Financial is a top wholesaler in sales of individual life insurance & annuities for Broker Dealers and their Advisors.  We offer a compelling product lineup and provide the education, training, and strategic focus that equip our financial advisors with the tools and expertise to sell effectively. Our approach includes the following components.
Sales Management
Our mutual success starts with building profitable partnerships with each financial advisor. We collaborate and coordinate with our partners to ensure that we’re meeting our shared goals and commitments.
Simplified Products
We have a complete portfolio of  products that provide the client with the coverage and guarantees they expect from their advisors.  We offer products to easily provide this coverage to their clients as well as online applications and simplified issued life products they desire. 
Dedicated Wholesaling
Our team of dedicated internal and external wholesalers focus exclusively on life insurance and annuity sales concepts and solutions. We follow a proven sales process that capitalizes on industry-leading wholesaling processes and leverage a variety of sales concepts and resources specifically designed for your clients. 
Training and Marketing Support
Our value-added marketing and sales support includes training materials and presentations tailored for each advisors, with in-person and online webinars and conference calls. Our training programs are specifically designed to reflect each advisor’s goals and objectives for its life insurance and annuity programs.